Namaste Witches


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Colors Available:
The "Namaste Witches" bandana is available in two styles:
  • Tie On Bandana: Our X-Large bandana is the traditional tie on bandana, the single sided Namaste Witches design on the front, white on the back. Simply tie the bandana around your dog's neck. The bandana measures 25" wide x 15" high. This best fits larger breed dogs (50+ lbs)
  • Slide On Bandana: All other sizes are available as a slip on bandana. Slide it over your dog's regular buckle collar (or use the included black nylon collar). Available for all sizes of dogs, and get peace of mind knowing you can remove the bandana and collar with ease (in case of emergency). 
Select The Right Size:
  • X-Large Tie On Bandana: 25" Width x 15" Height (Best for dogs over 50 lbs)
  • Large Slide On Bandana: 14.5" Width x 9" Height (Best for dogs 40+ lbs)
  • Medium Slide On Bandana: 12" Width x 7.93" Height (Best for dogs 25-40 lbs)
  • ​Small Slide On Bandana: 9.13" Width x 5.5" Height (Best for dogs 10-25 lbs)
  • ​​X-Small Slide On Bandana: 6.94" Width x 4.125" Height (Best for dogs under 10 lbs)