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Nothing Scarier Than Cowtown

How many recessions does it take to earn your "Cowtown Citizenship"?

Asking for a friend...

Is it more or less in dog years?

I had to look it up, my older dog Tess is living through her second, Riggs his first...since it's ongoing I don't know if it really counts until it's over. Does it?

They were both born in the USA, so I Tess has earned her Cowtown citizenship. Two seems like a lot in dog years.

Does that mean I should get a new puppy to break the losing streak? Hmmm...

Whether you work in the industry, or have been caught in its wake, you've likely seen friends laid off. Felt the pain of wage and hour cut backs, witnessed forced retirements, and now your favourite businesses shut down.  

But, what can you do?

Cry about it? No, I don't think so...we're more the laugh in spite of it type.

I'd like to invite you and Luna to join me this Halloween, and have a little fun at our own situation. 

To turn a negative positive, I wanted to find a way to help raise some funds for a worthy cause as well. Right now I think we all know friends and family who could use a helping hand.

That’s why I’m asking you to join in, and help.

$5 from every sale will be donated to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. And I will provide proof of donation to everyone who purchases…so no shenanigans!

Will you and little Luna join me in a little self-deprecating fun? 

Bandana Options

The "Nothing Scarier Than Cowtown" bandana is available in two styles:
  • Tie On Bandana: Our X-Large bandana is the traditional tie on bandana. With the design on the front, and white on the back. Simply tie the bandana around your dog's neck. The bandana measures 25" wide x 15" high. Best fits larger dogs (50+ lbs)
  • Slide On Bandana: All other sizes are available in an over the collar style. Slide the bandana over your dog's regular buckle collar (or use the included black nylon collar). Available for all sizes of dogs. See the sizing breakdown further down this page. 

Here's What You'll Get

Firstly, immense satisfaction at taking a swipe back at 2020. There might not be much left in the gas tank, but this small step is one way to take your stand. Added bonus, the satisfaction of helping a great cause.

If the bandana doesn't make you smile every time you see it; as you walk in the door greeted by little Luna's wagging tail and happy face staring up at you ready for her belly scratches and hugs, I don't know what will. 

And you know what, if it doesn't, send me a quick email, say "hey Megan, it didn't make me smile" and you can pick another one from our collection for free.

It's all about spreading the smiles right now!

The bandanas are designed by me (Megan), right here in Calgary. 

I use a t-shirt style cotton for the bandanas. Which you'll love because it doesn't show the wrinkles, or bunch up around your dogs collar, unlike regular quilting cotton.

You'll appreciate how soft the cotton feels on your hands. Yes, *even* if you're just coming off a two week shift on the rigs and your hands feel like sand paper. 

It's a really heavy weight cotton, so it doesn't have that cheap dollar store feel that our competitors seem to think you like. 

Whether you choose tie-on, or the over-the-collar style, it's easy to put on. And will last for many Halloween's to come...though I hope you don't feel that you need this particular design that long? :o 

So, simply pick your size and style (chart below), and we'll rush this out to you right away. 

Let's get the smiles out there STAT, and help a great charity while we're at it!

Here's How To Order

Pick the size that will best fit your dog
  • X-Large Tie On Bandana: 25" Width x 15" Height (Best for dogs over 50 lbs)
  • Large Slide On Bandana: 14.5" Width x 9" Height (Best for dogs 40+ lbs)
  • Medium Slide On Bandana: 12" Width x 7.93" Height (Best for dogs 25-40 lbs)
  • ​Small Slide On Bandana: 9.13" Width x 5.5" Height (Best for dogs 10-25 lbs)
  • ​​X-Small Slide On Bandana: 6.94" Width x 4.125" Height (Best for dogs under 10 lbs)
So, let me ask you a few final questions:

Can you use a laugh right about now?

Is your dog still looking for their Halloween costume?

Or, do you know some friends who would be driven stark raving mad if you gave this to them for Rover?

If so, then relief is but a short click away.

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$5 from every order will be donated to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank